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Urmia City

An Introduction and History

Official name: Urmia


Province: West Azarbaijan

Local name: Urmia

Old names: Rezaieh

Population: 856,914 people

Population growth: 3.4% (annually)

Population density: 14,000 people per square kilometer

Spoken languages: Turkish-Azerbaijani and Kurdish

 Religion: Shiite and Sunni

Area: 42.7 sq. Km

Elevation: 1332 m

Result: Rugs, quotes

Calling code: 044

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Urumieh is one of Iranian cities and the center of the West Azarbaijan province as well as the city center of Urmia. The population of this city, according to the 1390 census, was 963738 people, of whom 486445 were male and 477293 were women.



The word Urmia consists of the combination of the two words Assyrian Ore (city) + Mitha (Water). Urmia is pronounced Urmia, Oromia and Urmia. With the arrival of the Pahlavi regime and the reign of Reza Shah, this place was renamed Rezae'iyah and returned to the name of Urumieh after the Islamic Revolution.



Urmia is located in a wide and green plain with a length of 70 km and a width of 30 km, surrounded by vines and apples and fields for miles around. Lake Urmia is located in the east and Lake Marmyshu in the west of this city. Due to its moderate climate and beautiful scenery, it is considered one of the tourism cities in Iran. The height of Orumieh is 1332 meters above sea level.


The largest population of the city of Urmia is composed of the Azeri, Kurdish, and also minorities of the Assyrians and Armenians.

The population composition of this city has been changed as it has been in the time of Shah Abbas Safavid. According to another study, the ethnic composition of sampled households in the Urumieh area, which was conducted around 2000, shows that Turkic speakers account for 85.7% of sampled households, and Kurdish languages ​​were about 10.5%. In this census, an example is the percentage of Assyrians,

Persians and Armenians in Urmia were 1.7, 1.6 and 0.5 respectively.

Most of the Azeri people of Urmia are Shiite religions, but a large number of Sunni Hanafi and Shafi'i Shiite Sunni Armenians live in the city and in more than 25 villages including Balo, Golanji, Kahriz, Golpa, Gijin and Voldere. In Urmia, there are a number of abandoned linguists. The Kurdish religion of Urmia is also mostly Sunnis.



The Persians settled in Persia in the west and south of Urmia Lake in their migration to Iran, but then migrated

They went on to Pars land (Fars province). The Urmia plain was in ancient times in the territory of the Medes, Assyrians, and other tribes.

Shah Abbas, after expelling Ottomans from Iran, has sought to establish a tribal outpace for a powerful reign in the western part of the country. For this, Shah Abbas considered Il Afshar, a resident of Abidur of Khorasan, and other places.

He summoned Qalbali Sultan Imanului Afshar to the name of Khani and the head of the office of Il Afshar. Then he ordered that Ilah Afshar, who had a large number and settled in the provinces of Iraq, Persia, Kerman and Khorasan, moved with all their abilities in the Urmia plain.

In this displacement, eight thousand households from the six large tribes of the tribe settled in the Urmia plain, and the governorate of this area was in the hands of Kleb Ali Khan. The text of Shah 'Abbas I's command addressed to Kalba'l-Khan, which caused the movement of Eli.

The same background has led some of the tribal leaders, especially after the establishment of the new army in Iran, to be in command posts.


The distance from Urmia to Tehran is 780 km when passing through the bridge of Shahid Kalantari (bridge of Urmia Lake). Also, the distance from Urmia to Tabriz is 135 kilometers.

Urmia City has an international airport. Flights from Orumiyeh to Tehran and Mashhad and foreign flights to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. West Azarbaijan province is neighbors with three countries Turkey, Iraq and Azerbaijan, and the Turkish consulate is active in this city.

The number of cars in Urumia is 80 for every 1000 people, and this figure in Tehran is 60 units.

Tourist Resorts

Chishtiv Amusement Complex, Urmia Forest Park, Band, Mount Sirdagh, Lake Urmia, Marmishu Lake, Ghasemlou Valley, Amusement Bari Complex, Jami Mosque, Three Gonbad Building, Shahid Kalantari Bridge, Sulak Waterfall, Emamzadeh Road, Sheikh Tapeh Street and ...


Pullover halvah, quoted, is a puddle sweat from Urumieh's discharges.


Grapes and apples are one of the major agricultural products in Urmia.

Other agricultural products: Walnut, sunflower seeds and pumpkin, peach, apricot, nylon, apple, cherry

Hamdollah Mostofi (dated 740s.) Writes in Urmia: "Urmia ... has a lot of gardens, and its fruits are grapes, cluster and amoud, the Prophet, and the yellow plum is very good, and so it says, if the owner of Hosni is dressed with clothes, they say: grapes The child's sweetheart in Sohandar, that is, the grape-grooved cabbage of a basket-endurtrase, means Tabrizian, and the sentence that comes in Azeri language, which was the language of the people of Tabriz before Turkish Turmeric.


Central Mosque

Residential Guide:

Freight Tourist Complex

West Azarbaijan, Urmia

The complex of tourist tourism is a residential complex, therapeutic, sports, tourism, catering and cultural facilities, which is located on the beautiful and lush coast of Lake Urmia, the second largest salt lake in the world. The complex is located 40 km from Salmas-Urmia road and is one of the most dangerous areas of the country in terms of weather and natural scenery. [...]


Hotel Arya Urmia

West Azarbaijan, Urumieh Address: West Azarbaijan Province, Urmia, Taleghani Street, Arya Hotel, Arya Hotel Distance to airport: 30 minutes by car Facilities: refrigerator, TV, suites, restaurant, internet, patio, car parking, lobby, Coffee shop


Urmia Park Hotel

West Azarbaijan, Urmia

Address: West Azarbaijan Province, Urmia, Imam Street, Market Square, Urmia Park Hotel, Park Hotel Distance to Airport: 15 minutes by car Facilities: Refrigerator, TV, Suite, Restaurant, Internet, Free Parking, Persian Service, Parking, Lobby, Enough Shops, Special facilities: Urmia Hotel Park [...]


Urmia Beach Hotel

West Azarbaijan, Urmia

Address: West Azarbaijan Province, Orumiyeh, Boulevard Valfajr 2, Urmia Beach Hotel, Sahel Hotel Distance to airport: 25 Km Facilities: Refrigerator, TV, Pool, Suite, Restaurant, Internet, Free Parking, Persian Service, Parking, Chapel, Lobby, Satellite, coffee shop, facilities.



Guide for Educational and Research Centers:

Islamic Azad University, Urmia Branch:

Address: Salmas Road, Islamic Azad University, Urmia Branch Urmia University

Address: 11 km road

Payame Noor University: Address: Bahonar Boulevard, St. Stephen Street

Urmia University of Technology

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