Introduction to the Library and the Academic Records Center of SAMA Technical and Vocational College, Urmia Branch

-General Introduction

Sama College Library has been founded since 2003 with the launch of Sama Technical and Vocational School. Since its inauguration, the library has been striving to increase the number of resources each year, and now has about 4,500 print and non-print book titles in 10,000 copies. Prior to the beginning of the year 2013, the library system was traditionally open-shelf and without a classification system, after which in March 2012 it began to be mechanized based on the library software. During the time the library books with complete bibliographic specifications including title, author or authors, translators, place of publication, year of publication, publisher, various editions of books, number of book pages and book accompanying items, ISBN (International Standard Book Number), title in other languages, frost or dynasty Publisher publishing, whether or not there are indexes and libraries and book topics based on my text and index Rjat and all the above cases, the standard is based on the ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description) were added and all the software libraries are searchable. Also, the Library Classification System has been selected in conjunction with most academic libraries, the Congress Classification System. The classification system will be delineated and how to search the software is explained below.




-Location and time of the library

The library is located in the basement of the Sama Educational Complex and students can visit the College Library from 7.30am to 5.00pm.

-Library membership

College students can only use the college library facilities by presenting a student card. Library members should be diligent in maintaining the library card and handing over the library card to the library staff when they are away from school.


Saeed Nouri, MA in Information Science and Formerly (Formerly Library and Information Science)



-Shirazeh Software

Shirazeh Library Software is designed by Sama Shiraz Branch to be used by Sama Branches throughout the country, and students can search the library inventory through RFID kiosks located adjacent to the library and self-service faculty. For this purpose, the guest user can enter to the software and, for example, can search for Persian books in either simple or advanced searches, in the simple search of any part of the book including title, author, subject, etc. Bibliographies, they can see the book they are looking for and in the Advanced Search section they should include the title, author, or topic in the relevant entry.





In the figure above, the number of copies of the book in question, available or in trust, is specified by the students in order to obtain the author's title and guide book, which is the guide number for this book.

NA 380

/ 97 M6



To hand over to the librarian. Also, if the books in question are not available in the library, students can order them in the purchase section to complete the process.


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SAMA Technical and Vocational College , Urmia Branch was established in 2003 with admission in Architecture, Construction, Electronics in associate level.
The number of educational buildings at the time of the establishment was 1 building inside the 18000 square meter Azad University complex, and now all the buildings in this complex are at SAMA’s disposal. The number of students studying at the college is 1150 and the number of graduates since the establishment is 5220. There are 12 disciplines available.

مقام معظم رهبری سازمان سما


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