Sama Urmia College Registration

Enrollment only with a diploma degree (including all theoretical, technical and vocational diplomas)
There will be no entrance exam for registration, but no word referred to this will be mentioned in the degree issued by the Islamic Azad University of Urmia.

The slogan of Sama colleges across the country is "Get Students A Year Earlier". This slogan means that there is no need for a pre-university degree for theoretical graduates to enter Islamic Azad University
In order to pursue further education and career development, Diploma holders in state departments that require university education, can successfully finish the associate course within two years..
As the first step in the university education is the associate level, those interested in college education, especially the dear ones who have been out of school for many years, can apply for a college degree without any entrance exam at Sama College.

The current courses of Urmian Sama College include Graphics, Physical Education, Computer, Surveying, Accounting, Building, Architecture, Electronics and Industrial Electrical, without requiring any relevant diploma to enroll in all majors. For example, a person with a vocational  accounting diploma can enroll in a computer course. Or a degree in mathematics-physics can enroll in all disciplines without a pre-university degree.

Each academic year, approximately 600 mid-term and long-term tuition, marriage, essential and housing loans are allocated to college students and new entrants

Decreasing tuition between 30% and 50% in some majors and keeping tuition fees constant in 95 compared to 94

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SAMA Technical and Vocational College , Urmia Branch was established in 2003 with admission in Architecture, Construction, Electronics in associate level.
The number of educational buildings at the time of the establishment was 1 building inside the 18000 square meter Azad University complex, and now all the buildings in this complex are at SAMA’s disposal. The number of students studying at the college is 1150 and the number of graduates since the establishment is 5220. There are 12 disciplines available.

مقام معظم رهبری سازمان سما


 SAMA Educational Complex, Mohtasham Ave., Farabi St, Behdari Township, Urmia, West Azarbaijan
  044-33663881  (Fax)
 post box   1544
 Postal code 36458-57171

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